Therapeutic Yoga & Self Massage with yves 

Saturday, March 23
4:30pm - 6:30pm

Extend your career, sport, yoga practice and even your life with therapeutic self-care. Explore methods of relieving chronic aches and pains by addressing muscular tension, imbalances, weakness and deeply held traumas. This class will guide you through both active and passive yoga posture along with self-massage techniques to target common muscular ssues and injurie that keep us from living our best lives. Foam rollers and self massage balls will be provided. Class is limited to 10 so sign up early!



Partnered Thai Massage Workshop with Yves

Held monthly on Saturdays
4pm - 6pm

Upcoming Offerings:
Saturday, april 28

Thai massage is a deeply relaxing yet invigorating style of massage that incorporates passive stretching, joint mobility and pressure applied to energetic pathways along the body. The effects can be felt in minutes and will inspire hours of balanced, relaxed energy long after a treatment. In this workshop, Yves will guide students through the graceful, dance-like movements essential to this divine practice. 

The workshop will focus on promoting deep relaxation and restful sleep, addressing issues such as anxiety, digestive discomfort, and aches and pains brought on by the demands of daily life. It will incorporate techniques to relax and gently mobilize both the upper and lower body. 

Traditional Thai Massage is practiced on the floor, on a padded mat for comfort, without the use of lotions or oils. Participants should come dressed in loose fitting, comfortable clothing that allows for movement.

Women's Pelvic Floor Yoga with Christie Roe

Held monthly on Saturdays
2pm - 4pm

Upcoming Offerings:
Saturday, april 28

Here is some description text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, mel rebum sensibus Gain balance, stability, and ease from the ground up. This soft yet dynamic practice will safely center, support, and tone the pelvic floor with a breath-centered blend of slow vinyasa movement and held postures to relieve tension and restore energy. As we observe our particular habits, we learn to customize our breath patterns and pelvic balancing techniques for more mindful, integrated movement and posture throughout the whole body. Particularly useful for postpartum care and anyone looking to get to know her floating base, this workshop will also address specific self-care topics and practices to take home, with plenty of time for Q&A. No experience necessary. 

Exercise is generally appropriate starting 4-6 weeks postpartum but it’s always a good idea to consult with your health professional before taking your first class. 


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