our story

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Melt's owners—the wife and wife team of Becky Raik and Alexis Nahoum—met at massage
school in NYC back in 2007. They discovered a similar love for massage, summer camp,
and eventually each other. 

As Becky and Alexis have widened the family, it has only become more dynamic. As opposed to the model of the "signature massage" where a session is pre-designed, therapists sit down with each client and go over the unique reasons they have come in for bodywork. The session is then customized based on each client's needs. As opposed to engaging with therapists who can perform one type of massage or another, we celebrate our independent therapists' differences in style and personality and encourage them to decide with the help of their clients what kind of session is best prescribed for their particular ailments.

The result has been magical. Practitioners and clients alike have responded in amazing ways to this refreshing approach. To be able to offer solace and a safe space for whatever NYC has thrown at clients and practitioners on that particular day -- to be able to make clients in this city feel taken care of and relieved of emotional or physical stress -- it is truly a gift.

After beginning their private practices out of their home in Fort Greene back in 2009, Alexis and Becky found the neighborhood increasingly in need of a place for thoughtful and knowledge-based massage and bodywork. 

They jumped at the opportunity to expand their unique approach to massage therapy -- one that is centered around un-rushed communication, individualized and customized sessions, and most importantly practitioners that are warm, down-to-earth, and trustworthy. 

The space they created, first in that one tiny room in their apartment and now in their larger space a block away, is modeled on the home Becky grew up in all the way uptown on 111th Street and Broadway -- inviting feelings of community and warmth in an unstuffy environment. Clients sit down with their therapist in a safe and supportive space and are given the opportunity to be listened to.


What makes us different? 

Our approach includes listening to your objectives and responding intuitively to your body.

Our network of therapists are trained in numerous modalities and can offer a rich perspective
on any issue you've come to address.

Your therapist will take the time to get to know you, and will always invite openness and communication.

Instead of having you choose an option from a list, your treatment is 100%
centered around the conversation you have with your therapist.


our philosophy


We call ourselves a therapeutic and medical massage studio, as we tend to steer away from the spa template, and instead put all of our focus on the massage itself. Regardless of what you've come in for -- a specific injury, a chronic issue, or just to destress and relax -- our approach is always thoughtful and completely focused on you. 

Communicating with clients and understanding what they're hoping to get out of their session is our highest priority. We don't believe that a neck and shoulder massage should cost any different than a full body. If your issues beg for heat, we may integrate a heat pack or some hot stones into your session.

If you come in to address a left shoulder injury, we will try to gain a full picture of the issue, discuss the various ways to treat it, and assess any potentially related areas. If you've come in to de-stress and relaxation is your primary goal, we can do that too. We have many techniques and modalities to choose from within our repertoires, and they are all a part of our customized therapeutic and medical massage.