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customized therapeutic and medical massage

60 MINUTES $110 • 75 MINUTES $130 • 90 MINUTES $150

Instead of having you choose an option from a standardized list, your massage is 100% centered around the conversation you have with your therapist. Your therapist will take the time to get to know you, and will always invite openness and communication.

Therapists at Melt are trained in numerous modalities and can offer a rich perspective
on any issue you've come to address. These techniques include, but are not limited to, medical massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, swedish & relaxation-based massage, sports massage, PNF techniques, Thai Massage, hot stone work, aromatherapy/essential oils, and Shiatsu.

Some of our therapists have specialized and additional training so if you're looking for one modality in particular like a full Thai Massage session, let us know before you book your session and we'll pair you with the most appropriate therapist.

therapeutic massage Packages

5 pack                                  10 pack                       
60 minutes - $505                  60 minutes - $965
75 minutes - $600                  75 minutes - $1140
90 minutes - $690                  90 minutes - $1315


prenatal massage

60 MINUTES $120 • 75 MINUTES $140 • 90 MINUTES $160

Among the many momentous things about pregnancy are the significant mental, physiological, and spiritual changes a woman experiences. Massage can be an effective complementary form of prenatal healthcare, offering moms-to-be a wide range of benefits. Prenatal massage can alleviate stress and promote relaxation, reduce swelling and high blood pressure, relieve musculoskeletal pain and strain, contribute to shorter, less painful labor, and facilitate postpartum recovery. 

Therapists spend time before each session trying to learn as much as possible about your unique situation, and as your pregnancy progresses, shape the massage according to whatever your specific issues are at that time.

Unless you're in your first trimester, prenatal massages are done in the side-lying position along with, depending on your comfort, some time on your back or semi-reclined. Based on our training, we feel it's the optimal position for a pregnant woman to lie in as even with special pillows, lying face down can strain the uterine ligaments and increase the pressure within the belly. We have lots of pillows and bolstering techniques so you'll feel nice and comfy throughout the entire session!

Prenatal massage Packages

5 pack                                  10 pack                            
60 minutes - $550                  60 minutes - $1050
75 minutes - $645                  75 minutes - $1225
90 minutes - $735                  90 minutes - $1400


home visits

THERAPEUTIC: 60-MINUTE $170 • 75-MINUTE $190 • 90-MINUTE $210

PRENATAL: 60-MINUTE $180 • 75-MINUTE $200 • 90-MINUTE $220

We have therapists in our network that can provide massage in your home. Once we know the specifics of your request, we will reach out to the therapists to see if their availability lines up. In addition to the service cost, we ask that you cover the therapist's transportation to and from your location. We will price that out ahead of time so you know the total cost before confirming.

Event massage

We can perform massage at your events! This can range from schools for a teacher appreciation day, an office for an employee appreciation day, or a shower for a thank-you-for-sitting-through-2 hours-of-me-opening-gifts appreciation day! Rates are hourly per therapist and do not include the cost of transportation to and from your location. Once we have the details, we'll be able to provide you with a full quote. Inquire here!

Partner Massage lesson

"Honey, can you rub my shoulders?" We've all heard it, but how many of us know how to
really help? With a Partner Massage Lesson at Melt you can learn how! During this session, an LMT will demo and teach each of you basic massage practices. This 90-minute lesson is broken down into two 45-minute segments, giving each of you equal time to learn techniques and practice on each other under your LMT's guidance. Cost: $180

Couples massage

Same as our individualized therapeutic or prenatal massages, but done side-by-side in the same room. There is an added $10 service charge per client for these visits.



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